Zen Design – Timeless Ideas for Your Zen Room

There’s a lot to consider when embarking on the decoration of a room in your house. This useful page will provide some guidance for executing zen design into your home. Whether you’re looking to create a room dedicated completely for meditation and focus, or simply seeking to improve the quality of current rooms, read on!

blank room for zen design

Before you begin, it is important to recognize some of the strategies involved with successful zen design. These techniques will maximize your ability to achieve your vision in decorating a room.

  • Determine Your Goal – Decide ahead of time what it is you want the purpose of a room to be. Is it a place for exclusive meditation? A place to read? Or an art studio? Knowing this in advance will help you to fill the room only with items necessary to fulfill that goal. Without a clear goal, indecisiveness will often find its way into your room.
  • Build Your Room Up, Don’t Tear It Down – Starting from scratch is essential when designing a zen room. A room that is already partially organized will obstruct your ultimate goal. This will cause you to compromise the design with the organizational patterns that are currently in place. Thus, it is better to have a blank canvas when decorating.
  • Create Symmetry – Balance in anything is beautiful to behold. Creating symmetry in your room will provide a sense of peace and relaxation. This doesn’t not mean that every decoration must be done in even numbers, it simply means you should balance things against each other. This can be achieved by centering objects, or by spacing things evenly in the room.
  • Odors Are Important – True zen design encompasses more than just the visual aspects of a room. The odors present in a room have an overwhelming effect on mood impact, so make sure they are pleasant!


With these principles in mind, here is a list of ideas that can be used to implement zen design in your home!


1. Floor Seating

Floor seating is important - zen design


There are many different avenues one must consider when selecting room seating. If the room is a dedicated zen room, then floor seating is of necessity. The important thing here is consistency. While it is not important to have a matching set of seats, seating should allow guests to sit at relatively the same height. This will promote a certain subconscious equality of those in the room and achieve a more welcoming atmosphere.



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2. Big Candle – Quality Over Quantity

Big candle for your zen design


Zen design encompasses all the senses, not just sight! Dealing with a multitude of cheap candles is a hassle – and hazardous. Investing in one or two long-lasting candles will be far more rewarding than a continuous cycle of cheap candles. Furthermore, scented candles are traditionally exclusive to the larger variety. Save yourself a mess and invest in a candle that will last! Or view an alternative method below.



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3. Essential Oil Diffuser

Oil diffuser for zen design

An alternative to scented candles, an Essential Oil Diffuser can enhance the atmosphere of a room with a subtlety that will cause you forget the original reason why your room is so magical. These are a bit pricier than scented candles, but they are growing in popularity and are definitely a worthy investment. Don’t forget to invest in essential oils as well, as this gadget requires refills to function.



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4. Decorative Shelves

Shelves for zen design

As our society advances, there is no reason to continue using the same traditional styles of shelf that have been around for millennia. Some of the most creative designs ever are being manufactured nowadays, begging to be installed in your home. Having numerous shelves in your home will help eliminate clutter and keep open spaces available. It’s time to start using shelves for more than just books!

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4. Plants

Plants for zen design

Plants have the ability to bring any room to life – literally. For many it is tempting to buy the most decadent plants, but plant maintenance is frequently an obstacle for those not prepared to go all-out on plant care. Plants that require little to no maintenance is a recommendation for beginners. Some of the easiest plants to take care of include:

  • Alo Vera – One of the most popular household plants, this plant also soothes burns! A great plant to have on hand, and very difficult to kill.
  • Peperomia – Many grew up around this plant, it is a staple of common household plants. Very unusual leave patterns and resilience makes this plant a top contender.
  • Various Succulents – These are a great choice, for they require hardly any care and are a pleasure to be in proximity with.

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6. Room Lighting

Lighting for zen design

This is the quintessential point of every room. Lighting will have a dramatic impact on the atmosphere of your room, and it is important to recognize the different effects and outcomes your selection can have. When decorating zen rooms, it is most likely your room will already have an ambient source of lighting. Selecting the proper accent lighting is critical to cultivating the proper atmosphere for your room.

The main styles of lighting that exist include architectural, recessed, track, and pendant.

Architectural lighting most commonly provides ambient lighting to a room. There three main styles of architectural lighting that exist: Valance, Cove, and Soffit.
Valance lighting is an inverse style that uses reflected light and blocks the direct light for a room. This style is preferable to many, for it reduces shadows and has a very mellow effect. Cove lighting bounces light upwards, towards or near the ceiling. Soffit lighting faces directly down a wall, spreading the light as it descends towards the floor.

This style will require some remodeling if it isn’t already installed. As indicated, these lights recede into a ceiling or wall, shooting light directly out of it. Not ideal as the sole lighting in a room, this style makes a great accent lighting.

A uniform row of lighting, this style is similar to recessed lighting in that the bulb is direct and closed. It is primarily an accent lighting rather than the primary lighting of a room.

Self declared, pendant lighting is suspended from the ceiling. It is often used as an ambient source, and is very enjoyable to behold.

When selecting accent lighting, consider the main source of room lighting and the interaction between the two. Almost every room can benefit from some form of accent lighting.



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7. Water Fountain

Fountain for zen design

Water fountains have been identified as a known source of stress relief. The aura of running water is one of the most relaxing things to behold. Why not bring this experience into your own home? This can have extremely relaxing benefits for a relatively low cost. Pet owners should prepare for the enthusiasm that comes with this acquisition! Flowing water is far more attractive for pets to consume than its still-counterpart.

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8. Smart Phone Wall Mount

Phone mount for zen design.

Make a statement by installing a smart phone holder near the door. These wall-mounts are a great way to keep track of your phone, and free yourself from the burden of having to always keep track its whereabouts. These are extremely affordable, and will surprise you with the liberation that comes from not keeping your phone on your person constantly.

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We hope you gained some inspiration from this short list on zen design ideas for your home! Questions or comments, please feel free to contact: buildyourzen@zenmentality.com and we will be sure to get back to you. Thanks!

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