Work Smarter Not Harder – Simple Techniques to Increase Efficiency

work smarter n ot harder

If you find yourself wondering where all the time in a day has gone, it’s time to work smarter not harder! Becoming more efficient isn’t some well-kept secret, and simply depends a few key techniques that you can use on a daily basis. Putting forth even a small amount of effort can have a significant impact on your productivity. Here is a list of simple strategies that really will increase your efficiency.


Take Smart Breaks 

work smarter not harder

If you feel yourself lagging on a certain task, odds are you won’t suddenly find the motivation to finish. A few minutes away from any task can greatly increase your motivation and give you a fresh perspective. Make sure to use this break to do something that will indeed be refreshing. For example, taking a break from writing a paper to surf Facebook won’t exactly leave you feeling ready to go. Do something altogether different with your break such as leaving the room, listening to a song, doing a few push-ups, or making a doodle. The importance is that the activity of your choice has an endpoint, so that you can get back to it after it’s over. Another key way to work smarter not harder in this regard is to recognize when you don’t need a break. If you’re really on a roll, don’t let anything stop you!



Group Tasks Together

work smarter not harderDoing like-minded tasks back to back is a great way to increase efficiency. If you need to make an important phone call, consider what other phone calls you can make afterwards. If you are cooking yourself breakfast, it could be in your best interest to cook two meals at once! Even doing some dishes in the down-time of cooking is a great way to double your efficiency. These windows of opportunity will create significant gains on your ability to work smarter not harder.

Change Locations

work smarter not harderSometimes a change of scenery can have an incredibly powerful impact on productivity. If motivation is becoming stagnant, changing scenery has a powerful effect renewed enthusiasm. If a project is personal, consider doing a”Coffee Shop Crawl”. Create checkpoints, and deliberately change your location at each increment of completion. This can be a very productive activity, and very fun! Make sure not to worry about the time it takes to reach each checkpoint or drink too much coffee.



Reward Yourself 

work smarter not harderThis is actually extremely important for increasing productivity. Doing something you enjoy after completing a task will build a trusting relationship with yourself. This will enforce a positive association with completion, and leave you hungry for more completion in the future. Even using vices to your advantage can be a positive motivational factor. If you are going to do something that you enjoy anyways, it may as well be a reward mechanism!



Don’t Overdo It 

work smarter not harderKnowing that you are trying your best to get the most out of your day is the most important thing. Being able to forgive yourself for not achieving everything you set out for is very important for long term success. For myself, if I don’t achieve something on my to-do list I simply bump it to the next day and try again. Being okay with what you have accomplished is the best way to start off strong tomorrow, and with a positive attitude!


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