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Thanks for visiting Zen Mentality. This lifestyle blog is dedicated to helping you find your zen. Modern lifestyles can be extremely demanding, and the stress that comes with our way of living in America is inevitable. Zen Mentality is here to offer suggestions on getting back to the basics, embracing life, and living in the moment.

Why Do I Have Difficulty Following Through on Projects?

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This phenomenon, known as akrasia, is a perfectly natural occurrence. It is human nature to experience the rush of enjoyment when embarking on a new project, only later to realize you simply no longer lack the vigor to finish what was started. There are many strategies that can alleviate, or even eliminate this syndrome and allow you to finish what you started. Here are some of the most effective and applicable techniques:

Talk About Your Goals

Sharing your goals with others will help motivate you to follow through on your word. Be sure to present information in a way that does not seem like bragging, and to find the right people to discuss your goals with. If someone is bringing negativity to the table, they don’t need to now about your future plans.

Remove Temptation

When Victor Hugo, the author of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, wrote his book he locked away all his clothes except a large shawl. This eliminated many avenues of procrastination for him and he had no choice but to stay in and write, or go out rocking the unsightly garment. This could mean leaving your phone in the next room, or turning off the TV. To find your zen, accept the isolation from whatever distractions call your name, and put barriers between them if necessary.

Show Up

It is common knowledge that getting started is half the battle. The feeling of procrastination is quite frequently worse than the actual task itself. In reality, it is starting a task that is the most mentally challenging task. Do everything you can to reduce the friction of starting your goals, and you will have won. One strategy that works is to simply not associate starting with finishing. Start a task, and allow yourself to stop after a short period. Take a small break, and if you feel like coming back to the task allow yourself to do that. If not, don’t beat yourself up about it and simply employ the same technique the next day. Although it is counterintuitive to stop a task after having started, this will build up a trusting relationship with yourself on a more long-term basis. To find your zen in this way, one shouldn’t consider it giving up. Who knows, maybe you’ll come back to it voluntarily!



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